Teaching Philosophy
I believe that the journey of movement investigation has five primary guides bravery, curiosity, harmony, vitality, and joy. These feelings guide dancers to discover their own truth through movement and are key to developing an authentic movement language. These guides also lead movers through languages that are not their own allowing them to be their true selves and simultaneously honor someone else's language. I believe that the journey to discover our truths, desires, fears, hopes, and destinies through the movement of the vessel or body is one the greatest gifts that dance gives us.

When teaching I work to create opportunities for students to listen to the five primary guides while performing movement vocabulary. I also provide exercises that develop mind body connections and overall conditioning so that students may perform and explore to their heart’s content while moving safely and efficiently. This use of safety is not to deny the need for risk taking in exploration but empowering students to take risk by giving them the knowledge and the physical ability to do so with confidence in their own ability.

My class is a space where dancers can overcome themselves. Dancers overcome their fears through the guide of bravery and their default creative reflexes through the guide of curiosity. The guide of Harmony is the catalyst for students to overcome feelings of disorientation in movement and life. The guide of vitality empowers students to discover the true power of life energy coursing through the body, mind, and spirit. Finally the guide of Joy, which is often the beginning of our journey into movement, shows student that dance alone can be a light through the darkest times in our lives. 

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